Financial Planning

Don't let your personal finances weigh your life down. Let our experts lift you up with income protection, tax preparation, and investment planning. We can assess your needs over the phone and schedule time for your complete, free, 90-minute financial review. In your review, our professional will point out your options and identify a solution.

Tax Planning

Empower your payments with our tax review services. Our financial experts can identify common mistakes that people make, and they can direct you towards altering your financial choices to improve your results. This will allow you to keep more of what you earn and help work your assets more effectively. We also offer tax preparation and adjustments and these may be offered to improve your past results. By correcting mistakes, we improve your situation and help prevent future mistakes. In addition, adjusting your behavior through tax planning and strategies will improve your financial results.

We Specialize in


• LIFs
• Mutual Funds

• GICs
• Life Insurance Plans
• Long Term Care Insurance Plans
• Segregated Funds

• Annuities
• Disability Insurance Plans
• Health & Welfare Trusts

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