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Incorporated and Successful Business Owner
Tim Hortons has branded their Foundation name to be known all over the world. You may not be that large but any business having a Foundation giving in their business’s name reflects positively upon that business.
Timmy’s Foundation could be said to be a separate business of its own with its own employees and marketing plan. You may not have those resources, but we can help make your business’ giving simple and effective.
Giving corporately reduces net income. Talk to your accountant as to how much your corporation could save or email us for a brief consultation to give our estimate.
Special person or cause
The name Terry Fox is known worldwide for his courage and determination.  His foundation started with a small seed.
For that special someone, family name, or cause, that you wish to be remembered, start a foundation in that name.
The charities your foundation gives to will receive their donation cheques, with care and clearly identifying the name or phrase of remembrance.  You can ask others to give and they can receive a tax receipt also.  (Special minimums will apply to multiple donations)  Let us show you how simple and effective it is to honouring and giving longevity to a good name.
Regular Giver
A “Tithe” or regular donation of a percentage of income is a habit for many.  Setting your sources aside to give from can create a much larger tax deduction, which in turn you may decide to give more or pay for some other good purpose.

Regardless of what you do with your tax savings, you can be assured that your giving’s can continue hassle free and possibly long after you are gone.  Let us show you how your regular giving’s can improve with a financial plan of giving.

Foundation Innovations

Foundation Innovations enables investors to make regular giving a part of their overall financial plan.

A simple and convenient solution, the Program combines tax benefits with the ability to support your favourite charities now and into the future.
"Success may mean, having the ability to make a difference and actually doing so. We all have the ability, we can show you how easy it is to actual do it.
The Benefits of Giving
Tax Efficiency
Clients will receive an immediate tax receipt for their donation. Unused credits may be carried forward for up to 5 years. No capital gains taxes are realized on gifts of long-term appreciated mutual funds.

Low Cost Alternative
Compared with the expense of setting up and maintaining a private foundation, Foundation Innovations Giving Program is an inexpensive way to manage a sizeable gift.

Clients may recommend grants to any number of charities or other institutions each year, with minimum grants of $500.
you are an investor with $135,000 in investment assets and have $25,000 in non-registered mutual funds to establish a charitable giving account. You are unsure about how the tax savings would apply on a donation in-kind, compared to selling the fund and donating the cash proceeds. Here is how your donation breaks down in either option:
By making an in-kind donation, you will have a $9,000 charitable donation tax credit that you can apply towards your other income tax for the current year or in any of the next 5 years. By selling the fund and donating the cash, you will only have a $7,200 tax credit, because you will have to pay $1,800 in tax on the capital gain that resulted from the sale.
How it Works
Foundation Innovations offers this program through the Strategic Charitable Giving Foundation, a non-profit charitable corporation. As with any registered charity, donations are irrevocable; however, the donor retains the right to advise the Foundation on which charities receive annual grants and to name successors who may offer direction in their place. For this reason, the program is known as a “donor-advised program.”
An account is established with an initial donation of $25,000 or more in cash, mutual funds or insurance – all of which is eligible for a donation tax receipt.
The donor names their account. Every time a grant is sent to a charity, the fund's name is cited as the source of the gift. Donors may also choose to give anonymously. Account is administered under the Strategic Charitable Giving Foundation.
Donations are invested in a conservative investment selected by the donor, as an agent of the Strategic Charitable Giving Foundation and managed by Foundation Innovations.
The donor selects an annual donation rate of a minimum of 4% and up with some short term limitations.
Investment Options
Donations to the Giving Program can be invested in any one of 15 funds, offering the potential for donations to grow and ultimately result in additional dollars to charities over time.

Speak to your financial representative to learn more about the your Investment options and the benefits of starting your Personal or Family Foundation.
Your Financial Representative
C. Jean Jamieson is a Wealth & Financial Representative with over 20 years of experience helping individuals and business grow their investments and achieve financial freedom. She is passionate on helping people learn how to give as well as utilizing the financial benefits that comes with giving.
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